Getting sailing again.

On Wednesday evening 28/07/2021 club members were back out sailing as a club activity for the first time in many months.
Two keel boats, Eureka and Tyme had a few laps of the loch in sometimes gusty conditions. Judy, Nigel and Pedro introducing new comer Vaclav to the joys of yacht sailing.
We were lucky to have the safety boat fully repaired and ready for action so that a few dinghies were able to get out on the water. Thanks to Jamie McLean for organising that and to commodore Sean Rose for collecting the boat and getting her launched.
Greig took charge of the launch and provided safety cover for the dinghies.
Ian and Alison visiting from York took advantage of the fresh wind in Pico’s while Caius helmed one of the wanderers and took some of the others out for a sail.
Drew had fun with one of the Toppers while Ciara enjoyed a lively sail in a Pico. Ava, Annie, and John had sails in the Wanderer with Caius and some of them had time on the launch with Greig. Apologies to the dinghy sailors for the time spent hanging around while we got boats sorted and checked over before taking them out. Special apologies to anyone who didn’t get out sailing, the conditions made it difficult.
Grant sailed over on his windsurfer to join us.
On shore Julie, Sean and Sid helped rig, launch and retrieve boats as well as providing some after sail refreshments.