Dinghy Sailing

Saturday 21 August, there was an excellent turn out and great support from club members for an afternoon of dinghy sailing. Grant Logan, Judy Orr, Nigel Parker and Caius Walker took the helm in a variety of Quests, Wanderers and a Pico to provide opportunities for participants to get out and do some dinghy sailing. Some of our young people who had been through previous club training courses were able to sail independently in Picos. New member Ian Harris was able to take one of our Toppers out and refresh his memory on Topper sailing. Greig Walker manned the safety boat and kept everyone safe. Several experienced club members were onshore to assist with launching and retrieval boats.

We finished off with some socialising snacks and drinks in the club house. That’s only the second time in several months that has been possible. It was good to get together again.