Diary Dates for 2018


The sailing club in conjunction with other water sports clubs is having a regatta on Saturday 4 August 2018, 11 am till 4.00 pm.  We hope you’ll come along, join in and have some fun with us.  There will be opportunities for yacht sailing activities and dinghy races and games, nothing too serious. Those who are willing will take members of the public out sailing for short “come and try it” sessions.  It’s also a great opportunity for those that have been learning dinghy sailing to  do some sailing with others and practice their skills.  

It will be a sociable day with, we hope, something for everyone.

To help us organise it all can you please reply to let us know if you are going to attend and what are you going to take part in. The options are; a) yacht sailing display, b) dinghy sailing activities c) taking out beginners for short sails (yachts and dinghies) d) taking part in multi a water-sport relay.  

There will also be a need for some people helping out on land, with teas and coffees, helping with equipment allocation and  race and game organisation as well as safety boat driving.  

There will be beach games at Dalintober and opportunities to try dive at Aqualibrium. Kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boarding and rowing will also be taking place.

How do you plan to join in?  Please let me know.

 Please reply soon.

Sid Gallagher  sidchagallagher@hotmail.com



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